Hunting & Fishing

Hunting & Fishing

Postby mountainz » Mon Aug 10, 2020 12:27 pm

Been getting more into fishing since moving out to the country and dealing w/ end of the world shit. Catching bass and bream here on the river in Georgia. For some reason, I'm only successful w/ Mepps spinners. But there's kinda a beauty in that. Don't have much luck w/ worms and all that fancy shit. Even got a sit-on-top canoe to fish the river but honestly it's kinda a pain to deal with all that extra shit and I still catch more fish from the bank so I might sell it. Lots of overhanging cover so I'm a pro with the slingshot cast. Bank killah.

Also getting back into shooting compound bow. Got my 20 year old PSE updated w/ new accessories and shooting killer but I accidentally ran over it with my car. Bought a new Mission Switch and love that thing. Shoots faster than the PSE but honestly it's not much more accurate, I think, because the old gal was like 40"+ A2A. I'm kicking around the idea of deer hunting because we've got a big WMA south of here but I've got a lot to learn before I can do that. Would have to figure out a treestand or saddle set up and scout to find some good locales. Learn how to field dress. Would need to put a hitch on my car and weld up a tray to carry a deer. I mean I'd feel bad killing something but DAMN I love venision.

U losers do anything beside fall off warm ups at the gym?
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